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In 2019, Samantha's island home of Abaco in The Bahamas was destroyed by hurricane Dorian. She wanted to create a body of work to display her personal struggle from that devastation and the continued progression of the changes afterwards. For her sustained investigation, she explores life before and after hurricane Dorian. Her guiding inquiry question began as “What makes my island home of Abaco in The Bahamas, have such an impact on myself, as well as others?”.

She began by creating works to exemplify the self-sustainable history the island has using different techniques of colour and texture in order to create feelings such as the before being a scenario that is "back in time". Her work then began to be lead by the question "How does the beauty and spirit of Abaco that was before still remain despite the destruction?" which was then demonstrated with the theme of hope she portrays in the imagery of her pieces, as well as added material. She created pieces that use symbols to show the resilience and hope of her community after hurricane Dorian and the perseverance they continue to maintain. She use mylar, a reflective fish lure material, to add to the brilliance of some of her pieces in order to highlight the beauty that still remains and is reviving despite the devastation and global pandemic.

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